Every wondered how do some people make these beyond belief life-like flowers? Well, right tools play huge, and often decisive role in that.  

Your needs for high quality botanically correct veiners & molds to take your flower work to the next level are met here. Made in UK, sold internationally. 

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Christina Wallis

Hello everyone! My name is Christina Wallis and I have been making flowers out of sugar and Cold Porcelain air dry clay for a fair while now.  Some of you might know me through my social media or YouTube Channel and therefore would probably guess how and why  I came to create botanically correct veiners / molds. 

Although selection of Sugarcraft / flower veiners has hugely improved worldwide over the last several years, the quality and availability of good veiners still has a long way to go, particularly in UK.  I have, for example, really struggled to find Dahlia leaf veiner, Fern Veiner or a decent Peony Veiner and ordering from abroad was either overpriced for my budget or left me with insufficient information about the silicone or cutters being food grade enough to fit strict EU reg. 

And so this is how I found myself contributing to UK 'veiner pool',  taking impressions of flower petals and leaves throughout this Summer, adding to those veiners I'd already made for my students over the last several years, all of which is slowly but surely making it's way into my shop.  

For all my veiners and molds ( sometimes refereed to as moulds ) I use  Platinum Silicone, EU/UK certified Food grade. The certificate is available on request. 

Alls my veiners which can't be used with generic cutters have made to order matching cutters . These  high quality stainless steel non-rust  cutters are also food grade, as is everything else I have for sale unless stated otherwise. 

All the veiners your purchase are made for you to order and will be sent within 5 working days. I'm happy to accept returns in 'as bought' condition. 

I hope this addresses some of your questions. I will be happy to answer what I haven't covered if you approach me on my social media or Youtube, you'll find all the links in this shop.  

Happy Browsing , buying and , most of all, losing yourself in a beautiful art of botanical sculpture making sugar, wafer or clay flowers, or indeed in some other medium you might be using!